Comprehensive Verified Asset Solutions

Alternative. Accurate. Actionable.

Delivering more actionable, unique Verified Assets... guaranteed

Introducing Execution Guarantee and Data Overlap protection. Get reimbursed for out-of -pocket execution costs, eliminate vendor data overlap, and pay only for unique assets delivered. Increase liquidation with greater efficiency and maximize ROI, without risk to your bottom line.


We invest in delivering exceptional data, at the best value, while committing ourselves to the long term success of our clients. No two client’s needs are alike, and we welcome our client feedback, gaining us valuable insight as how to better serve their specific data needs, and become better partners.


Utilizing multi-Industry partnerships, combined with internal technologies, will identify and deliver more assets, at lower costs, to drive your liquidation. Our multi-product platform provides a comprehensive solution by allowing clients to customize forward workflow and account placement, and take advantage of cost efficiency and increase ROI.


  • Secure data transmission and client portal
  • SOC 2
  • GLBA
  • FCRA
  • PCIE